All About 720-degrees

Lucie Miller

29-year-old mum of three beautiful children (and no, I’m not biased!)

Travel enthusiast who is determined to still enjoy, and help others enjoy, traveling alone, or with their families.

Hey there! Welcome to my lil blog space – I’m Lucie, an elementary school teacher from Kansas City, USA. As you may know, one of the perks of being a teacher is getting the 10-11 week summer vacation period off. Now, whilst I spend most of my precious vacation time marking books and getting prepped for next semester, I do have some time to escape on vacation with my family, or with my group of girlfriends from work. 

I know, personally, I do love having the chance to relax in a luxury hotel (with a spa is a bonus) and explore a new city’s environment, trying street food and enjoying some much needed retail therapy by purchasing one-of-a-kind products from local businesses. As my job and home life revolves around spending all day with children, whilst I love it, I find these vacations with my partner or my girlfriends are a nice break for a bit.

However, I also enjoy camping vacations with my kids, where we go back to basics away from technology, and just enjoy the resources nature has to offer. I have found, particularly bringing young kids with you, that finding a campsite with some facilities like toilets and showers makes your life 100% easier, but you can find more tips like that on my family vacation planning page.

I hope you enjoy the content I have to offer, and if you need to get in touch use the Contact Me page.